Texas Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick loses it at Jake Tapper over gun control: ‘I didn’t come on to go through the entire penal code’
Jake Tapper, Texas Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick. -- screenshot

The Lt. Governor of Texas bristled at Jake Tapper on Sunday morning when the CNN host pressed him on gun laws in the Lone Star state that just saw a teen gun down ten at Santa Fe High School in Houston on Friday.

Sitting down with the State of the Union host to discuss the tragedy, Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick attempted to blame the culture for the shooting while Tapper wanted to talk about the prevalence of guns and the lack of comprehensive laws.

"Should it be law that if you have children in the house or people under 18 -- I know Texas the age is 17 -- should it be law that you have to lock up your guns?" Tapper asked.

"Jake, depending on the state," Patrick replied. "I would have to look at all the --"

"What about Texas?" Tapper said, cutting him off from filibustering.

"In Texas, again, we hold you very responsible if you are a gun owner," Patrick attempted. "I'm a concealed carry owner as are almost 1 million Texans. If I use my gun to stop a crime or to defend myself and a stray bullet strikes someone else I can be held not only civilly but criminally liable."

"In a case of not only controlling your guns in your home and keeping them locked up, you also can be held criminally liable if you use your gun and someone gets hurt who was not your intended target," he continued. "If someone is trying to attack you and you miss them and hit someone else you can face charges."

"There isn't a law requiring safe storage?" Tapper pressed.

"I didn't come on with you to go through the entire penal code of the state," the testy Patrick snapped back. "I'm saying that every parent out there needs to understand, every gun owner. If you are not a parent you need to understand your guns, you must control your guns at home and be sure they are locked up and kept away from others getting your guns."

You can watch the video below via CNN: