Texas man dies after being shot because he cut across another man's lawn
Andrew Brady, who died from injuries sustained when he crossed another man's lawn/Screenshot

A Texas man has died 14 months after being shot while crossing across another man's lawn, KXAN reports.

Andrew Brady was cutting across a corner lot when another man, Carlos Harris, confronted him. The men exchanged words, and then Harris pulled out a handgun and fired, hitting him eight times. Police say Harris then put his gun in the trunk of a car and drove away in it.

Brady, who was 19 when he was shot, had battled to walk again over the 14 months since he was shot. He endured 40 surgeries spent most of the time in the hospital or a rehabilitation center where he was trying to learn to walk again.

Harris is now facing a murder charge and Brady's family is hoping he gets the death penalty.

"We just wanted him to come out of it and be home with us, and be able to just get back to our normal life — even if he wouldn't be all the way Andrew," said Brady's sister. "Seeing my brother fight for his life for that whole year like that, he is a true fighter."