'That's corrupt intent': Toobin says Giuliani blew up Trump defense by admitting Comey was fired over Russia
CNN legal analyst Jeffrey Toobin

CNN legal analyst Jeffrey Toobin on Thursday argued that Rudy Giuliani's interview spree has done a disservice to his client, President Donald Trump, by providing evidence that the president had "corrupt intent" when he fired then-FBI Director James Comey.

While speaks to Fox News on Wednesday, Giuliani asserted that Trump had fired Comey because the FBI director refused to tell him that he was not a "target" in the Russia investigation.

On Thursday, CNN host Poppy Harlow wondered, "Did he just blow up the president's claims of no obstruction?"

"It hurts Donald Trump," Toobin agreed, "and helps [special counsel] Robert Mueller proving corrupt intent. I mean, this is the core issue with the obstruction of justice investigation."

"It's quite clear that the president has the right to fire the FBI director," he continued. "What he doesn't have the right to do is fire him with a corrupt intent. That's what obstruction of justice is. And if he fired him because Comey wouldn't exonerate Trump, that sounds to me like a corrupt intent. 'I'm going to fire you unless you exonerate me in your investigation of me.' That's corrupt intent."

Watch the video below from CNN.