Trump aide goes down in flames after telling CNN's Cooper and GOP's Rick Wilson the president has never lied
Ex-Trump aide David Urban (left), CNN Anderson Cooper (middle) and GOP strategist Rick Wilson (right). Image via screengrab.

Former Trump campaign aide David Urban was trashed by a fellow Republican co-panelist on CNN and host Anderson Cooper when he made the audacious claim Wednesday night that he's never heard Donald Trump lie.

"The president's never lied to me and I don't think he's lied to the American people," Urban told Cooper and GOP strategist Rick Wilson. He went on to say Trump used "hyperbole" on the campaign trail but that none of his boastful statements were outright lies.

"So wait," Cooper said. "When newspapers report that he has lied or misconstrued facts a total of 3,000 times so far, 6.5 times a day, you're saying you've never heard the president say something which is demonstrably false and he knew was false?"

Urban said he's "not sat next to the president while he's made a statement" that was false, and doubled down when Cooper asked him if he'd never even heard Trump lie on TV.

"I think the president is prone to hyperbole, yes absolutely, I absolutely agree with you on that fact," he said. "Do I think he's purposefully misleading people? No, I don't."

"Wow, OK" Cooper said, with Wilson echoing him.

"I'm not sure I believe you," the host said as he and Wilson laughed at the Trump booster.

Watch below: