Trump-linked lawyer Alan Dershowitz explains how Mueller's latest move is a prelude to impeachment
Alan Dershowitz (Fox News)

Alan Dershowitz, a Harvard Law professor and longtime friend to Donald Trump, told CNN's Anderson Cooper on Tuesday night that special counsel Robert Mueller appears to be gearing up for a new legal maneuver that could ultimately lead to impeachment.

"I think where we're going is to a subpoena," Dershowitz said in response to a new Washington Post report that revealed Mueller has already floated the idea of subpoenaing Trump to his lawyers. He went on to say the president and his lawyers "should have no interest" in answering the special counsel's "broad" line of questioning as evidenced by a leaked list of more than four dozen questions Mueller has for Trump on a wide range of topics that was published last night.

After arguing with CNN's chief legal analyst Jeffrey Toobin about whether or not Trump will plead the fifth, Dershowitz floated a novel concept: that Mueller will give the president immunity in exchange for information on Russian collusion because "immunity doesn't apply in impeachment proceedings."

"He is at not risk of being indicted or prosecuted," the Harvard Law professor said. "He's at risk of being impeached."

Watch below, via CNN: