Trump promotes inaccurate Fox News segment that blames Sally Yates for so-called 'Spygate' scandal
Sally Yates and Donald Trump (Photos: Justice Department and Screen capture)

President Donald Trump on Monday cited a Fox News segment that promotes the bizarre idea that former acting Attorney General Sally Yates is somehow to blame for his made-up "Spygate" scandal.

After Yates told CNN that Trump has enacted an "all-out assault on the rule of law" in his repeated attempts to discredit special counsel Robert Mueller and the Department of Justice at large, the president took to Twitter to once again attack the DOJ.

"Sally Yates is part of concerns people have raised about bias in the Justice Dept," the president tweeted, quoting George Washington University Law professor Jonathan Turley. "I find her actions to be really quite unbelievable."

After it was revealed that a professor named Stephen Halper acted as an informant for the FBI to assess whether there were any credible links between the Trump campaign and Russia, the president hit the ground running by claiming he was spied on and calling it a "scandal the likes of which this country may never have seen before." He has since called for an investigation into the reports, which he's dubbed "Spygate."

The president and his allies at Fox News have promoted the phony theory that the Obama administration surveilled the Trump campaign "for political purposes" — a claim Turley has furthered repeatedly at the right-wing network.

"The public is growing a little tired with partisans sort of filtering all of these issues," the GWU professor said on Fox, apparently un-ironically.

Watch below, via Fox News: