Trump stole another family’s crest – and wants to trademark it to sell some furniture
Trump family coat of arms (Photo: Janet Hudson/Flickr)

A company connected to Donald Trump has filed to trademark a coat of arms the president's company allegedly plagiarized from the original owners of Mar-a-Lago.

According to documents obtained by celebrity gossip site The Blast, an LLC linked to the Trump Organization filed to trademark the crest so it can be used on Trump-branded furniture. Specifically, the report noted, the filing would allow the crest Trump is barred from using in the United Kingdom to be used on shelving and storage units.

The crest features a shield emblazoned with three lions and two chevrons with a "tiny" hand clenching a spear at the top. The original belonged to the family of Joseph Edward Davies, the third husband of Mar-a-Lago builder Marjorie Merriweather Post, and featured the word "integritas," which is Latin for "integrity." The term was replaced with the word "Trump" after the president's organization took over ownership of the "Winter White House."

The Scottish coat of arms authority has banned the Trump Organization from using the crest in the UK — but that hasn't stopped the president's company from using it at its gold clubs in the United States. The Blast noted the trademark filing specifies the entire coat of arms should be gold.