Trump supporter Caitlyn Jenner now regretful: gives speech about trans rights being 'set back 20 years'
Caitlyn Jenner on the Jimmy Kimmel show when she still supported Trump/Screenshot

During the 2016 campaign, Caitlyn Jenner was a supporter of Donald Trump.

Trump would be good for women, Jenner said. Jenner said she would "never ever ever vote for Hillary" and that "if Hillary becomes President, the country is over."

Some even credit Jenner's endorsement as making a significant impact in favor of Trump.

But even as another member of her family comes out more strongly in favor of Trump, Jenner is having second thoughts.

Jenner bashed Trump in a speech to the British House of Commons.

"As far as trans issues, this administration has been the worst ever,” she said according to Page Six. “They’ve set our community back 20 years, easily,” Jenner said. “It’s going to be hard to change, but we’ve been through these types of things before and we’ll continue to fight it.”

Jenner—who is a strong nationalist that had previously said she didn't regret voting for Trump because she "grew up in a country where you actually said the pledge of allegiance in the morning before school"—is now upset that her rights as a trans woman are being diminished.