The View's Meghan McCain needles Trump on White House gossip: ‘You have leaks when you don't have loyalty'
Meghan McCain (ABC)

"The View" host Meghan McCain smacked down President Donald Trump for complaining about damaging leaks coming from his White House.

A White House aide mocked Sen. John McCain's (R-AZ) brain cancer, although the president and the staffer refuse to apologize publicly, and Trump complained about damaging stories leaked out by his administration.

"So which is it?" said host Whoopi Goldberg. "Are the leaks fake or the traitors are leaking and cowards? I'm confused!"

McCain said she had trouble making sense of the president's tweet, as well, but she knows for a fact that staffer Kelly Sadler mocked her dying father.

"I read this four or five times last night," McCain said. "I was like, okay, I don't understand. The leaking is fake, leakers are cowards but the leaking didn't happen. Let me tell you, as a person involved with this and got the phone call, she said it, she admitted to it, so that part is 100 percent right -- and I know because she called me and told me. So let's start with that."

Sadler privately apologized to McCain for the remarks about her father, but co-host Joy Behar said they would never issue a public apology.

"She can't apologize in public because if she apologizes in public, then Trump has to apologize to your father in public, and he can't do that either," Behar said. "That's why there's no apology coming down the pike."

McCain said the president only has himself to blame for the leaks.

"I will say one thing that I'm so proud of, my family -- my dad's office, they never had a leaking problem, and you have leaking problems when you don't have loyalty to the principal, when you're not inspiring loyalty," McCain said.

Behar asked why those disloyal staffers continued to serve Trump.

"Why don't they find some balls and quit?" she said.

McCain said that was between the staffers and their conscience, but she said the leaks were a bad sign.

"It's always a sign of a bad campaign or a bad candidate or a bad politician when you have rampant leaking problems, because it shows that you don't have loyalty to the principal or the message," she said. "Clearly you have to look in your own house on that one."