'They both want to f*ck Ivanka': John Oliver documents Rudy Giuliani's descent from 'Person of the Year' to Trump's incompetent lawyer
John Oliver takes on John Giuliani/Screenshot

Rudy Giuliani is a weird dude.

The former New York mayor married his cousin, has a bizarre hatred of ferrets and once announced he was divorcing his wife on television without warning her.

But when 9/11 happened, Giuliani's brave and steady hand made him a national hero—and Time magazine's Person of the Year.

On Sunday, John Oliver dug deep into Giuliani's past, from his racist policing policies to his latter gigs as a narrator for AMC's Mob Week.

Why does he get along so well with Trump?

They are "two versions of the same person," Oliver said.

"When you look at all of this in total you realize that Giuliani's role as Trump's lawyer isn't aberration—everything in his life has led him to this point," Oliver said. "He's actually the most honest representation of him in general... they're both New Yorkers coasting on their reputations, they both have three marriages, neither of them can shut up when in front of a camera and perhaps most importantly they both want to f*ck Ivanka. Which is weird for Trump because she's in his family and weird for Giuliani because she isn't."

As part of the show, Oliver registered HillaryClintonIllness.com, Giuliani-Security.com and Giuliani2024.com. All are now ferret-themed.

So what happens next? Oliver sees three possibilities—check that out in the segment below.

Watch here.