WATCH: Arkansas day care worker asks children to throw rocks at boy to teach him a lesson
(Photo: Shutterstock).

An Arkansas day care provider directed children to throw rocks at a boy for disobeying her, according to cell phone video of the incident.

Another employee went to Forest City police April 26 to report the incident, which she recorded on video and shared with officers, reported WHBQ-TV.

The woman told police that she and some co-workers were outside Teach N Tend Daycare with children when another employee told the child to sit down.

Instead, the 4-year-old picked up some rocks and threw them to the ground.

The employee then told children to throw rocks at the boy to teach him a lesson -- and the video shows several children following her order.

"I observed approximately 6 toddlers throwing rocks at a white male toddler," wrote an officer. "The toddler is kneed down covering his face crying. A background voice says, 'He'll learn to stop, ok that's enough.'"

Police questioned the employee, who said children threw rocks all the time.

She told officers that she did not recall allowing children to throw rocks at another child.

The woman has not been arrested or charged, and the incident remains under investigation.