Watch CNN's Chris Cuomo hammer Tea Party congressman over Trump's 'demonstrably false' FBI spy conspiracy
Chris Cuomo (CNN)

In a fiery interview, CNN's Chris Cuomo fact-checked Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH) over his "demonstrably false" statements supporting President Donald Trump's "Spygate" conspiracy.

The Ohio Republican started the interview by launching a long-winded explanation of why he believes the FBI spied on the Trump campaign, complete with a litany of ousted Justice Department officials targeted by the president and the congressman's repeated call for a second special counsel — a resolution that he boasted had 25 Congress members' support.

"Twenty-five, not an impressive number," Cuomo responded, "especially with how many people you have who are trying to support the president's theories, no matter how wild they are."

The host went on to note that the Justice Department's inspector general not only ousted former Deputy FBI Director Andrew McCabe and reviewed Hillary Clinton's email scandal, but that the office has "way more staff than you will ever be able to put together for a special counsel."

After Jordan brought up Christopher Steele's "disproven salacious dossier" and the Republicans' debunked insistence that it was a primary factor in a secretive surveillance warrant for former Trump campaign aide Carter Page, Cuomo let him have it. 

"[The Justice Department] did disclose where the dossier came from," Cuomo said. "It is not all false allegations in the dossier. You know this to be the case even though you have never seen a [Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act] application itself."

"Here we are a year and a half later not one bit of evidence any type of collusion any type of coordination between the Trump campaign and Russia," Jordan said, cutting the host off.

"Jim, that is demonstrably false," the host countered. "We have tons of proof of potential collusion."

Watch below, via CNN: