WATCH: New Yorkers taunt racist lawyer Schlossberg with awesome Latino party out front of his home
The party outside Aaron Schlossberg's upper west-side apartment/Screenshot

There's a block party on the Upper West Side tonight.

New Yorkers have besieged the apartment building where racist lawyer bro Aaron Schlossberg lives. The attorney was captured delivering a racist rant against people speaking Spanish in a Manhattan coffee shop next to his office earlier this week, and has been forced out of his office space, had his previous misdeeds dredged up and been targeted for disbarment.

Now, he's finally getting that promised Mariachi serenade, as there's a party outside his apartment complex.

Tweets and Facebook live video of the currently happening party show a peaceful if boisterous time, complete with chants of "Hablamos Español!"

Check out some party pics below.