Watch: Stormy Daniels appears on Saturday Night Live's cold open as Cohen and Trump try to get their lies straight
Stormy Daniels appears on SNL/Screenshot

The actual real-life Stormy Daniels made an appearance on Saturday Night Live tonight, joining game of phone tag featuring almost everyone involved in the unfurling Trump scandal for the cold-open.

The sketch started with Ben Stiller's Michael Cohen going to a payphone to call Trump and Rudy Giuliani.

"Hey what's up, Amigo? How you holding up in prison?" Trump asks Cohen.

"I'm not in prison," Cohen says.

"Oh, give it a couple weeks," Trump says.

"Guys can we please just decide on one lie and stick to it?" Cohen asks.

In order to get their lies straight they need to talk to a low of people—including Sarah Huckabee Sanders and Jimmy Fallon and Scarlett Johansson appeared as Jared and Ivanka.

And then Stormy shows up—the real-life Stormy—to deliver a memorable performance.

Watch below via SNL on YouTube.