WATCH: Trump backer rips cancer-stricken McCain on CNN for not sending Melania a get-well tweet
Trump supporter Amy Kremer appears on CNN (Screen cap).

CNN on Tuesday continued the debate over Trump White House aide Kelly Sadler joking about Sen. John McCain (R-AZ) dying of brain cancer -- and Trump supporter Amy Kremer tried to turn the tables on McCain by pointing out that he seemed to show a lack of concern for first lady Melania Trump.

During the segment, Kremer pointed out that McCain didn't send out any notes of encouragement to the first lady after news broke that she had undergone successful kidney surgery on Monday.

"Yesterday when the news broke about Melania, two minutes before I had a breaking news alert about Harry Reid on my phone," she said, referring to reports that Reid was undergoing treatment for pancreatic cancer. "Two minutes later the news alert came about Melania being in the hospital. As of this morning right before we went on air, John McCain had tweeted to Harry Reid to get better -- not one tweet to Melania! The bad blood goes both ways."

At this point, fellow panelist Ana Navarro could only roll her eyes and laugh.

Watch the video below.