White House staff rallying behind woman who joked about 'dying' McCain -- Twitter sees bitter irony
Mercedes Schlapp. (Screenshot)

The White House communications staff is rallying behind Kelly Sadler, the embattled communications staffer who made a joke about how John McCain's opinions on torture don't matter because "he's dying anyway."

Not only has Sadler's boss, Sarah Huckabee Sanders, refused to apologize for the insensitive joke and scolded her staff about leaks, a second staffer has reportedly said that she wants to go on the record supporting her colleague and the joke.

Mercedes Schlapp said that she supports Sadler and told the other staffers—five of whom appear to have leaked the troubling incident— that she wanted everyone to know it, in the private meeting.

The fact that the White House's communications shop refuses accountability and will not apologize for the incident after so many Washington insiders tripped over themselves running to rally around Huckabee Sanders after her eye makeup was lightly mocked by a comedian during a roast has registered as a bitter irony to some on Twitter.