WATCH: White House spokesman stumped when asked why bigoted pastor was invited to Jerusalem embassy
White House spokesman Raj Shah (Screen cap).

Megachurch Pastor Robert Jeffress has a long history of openly attacking Muslims, Mormons, Jews and Catholics — but he was nonetheless chosen by President Donald Trump to speak at the opening of the new American embassy in Jerusalem.

During Monday's White House press briefing, spokesperson Raj Shah was confronted by reporter Andrew Feinberg with some of Jeffress' past statements and was asked why the Trump White House thought it was appropriate to invite him to deliver opening prayers at the new embassy.

"He believes that Muslims are going to hell, Jews are going to hell, Hindus are going to hell," Feinberg said. "Do you think that, especially considering his remarks about Jews, that he's one of the right people to speak at the opening of our embassy in Israel?"

Shah said he had no idea how Jeffress had been picked to give the invocation at the new embassy, and he dodged on Jeffress' past statements by saying he "has had a strong relationship with many people in the faith community, as well as folks in the administration, and Republicans on [Capitol Hill] and others."

Feinberg then pressed him on whether he believes it's appropriate for someone who thinks Jews are getting sent to hell should be giving an opening prayer at the new embassy in Jerusalem.

"I haven't seen those remarks," Shah said. "Those are not remarks the president supports."

Watch the video below.