WATCH: White Wisconsin cop caught on video punching defenseless black teen in mall parking lot altercation
Wauwatosa police officer repeatedly punching a 17-year-old boy in the Mayfair Mall parking lot

A white police officer in Wisconsin was caught on camera repeatedly punching a 17-year-old black teen in the face, the Journal Sentinel reported Saturday.

In the cell phone video, a Wauwatosa police officer can be seen throwing a right-hook at the youth, who was being restrained by a mall security officer.

The teen was defenseless with his arms held down as the closed-fist blow was delivered.

Once on the ground, the police officer again punched the youth in the face.

Wauwatosa Capt. Brian E. Zalewski said police received a call from mall security at 4:37 p.m. requesting police assistance with five males inside the mall acting disorderly and causing a disturbance.

Police have not yet identified the officer, but have defended the walloping by claiming the video only shows a small part of what occurred.

“I can assure you that we take all situations seriously when they involve a use of force by our officers," Wauwatosa Police Chief Barry Weber said in a statement. "We thoroughly review all incidents in which force is used by an officer and will do so in this incident, as well.”

The 17-year-old was arrested for disorderly conduct, battery and resisting an officer.