Watch: Reporter perfectly explains Roger Stone’s weird dealings with Julian Assange and a radio DJ
Shelby Holliday of the Wall Street Journal on MSNBC/Screenshot

Roger's Stone's dealings with Julian Assange and a failed stand-up comedian who interviewed the Wikileaks founder is a lot to process.

The notoriously shady Stone pretty much lies about everything, which makes untangling his dealings a mess.

But the Wall Street Journal's Shelby Holliday has spent some time looking into Stone and Randy Credico, the DJ for WBAI, and laid out their ties to Assange in a brilliant MSNBC segment that pretty much explains the whole thing.

"There are a lot of layers here," she says, before getting into the complex dealings.

It starts with Stone contacting Credico—who tried to brush him off before ultimately telling him what was coming.

"Roger Stone is fishing for information that is negative to Hillary Clinton and he wants to get that out into the media somehow," she said.

Credico tells Stone that if Assange had something on Clinton, it'd be up on the site—to RTFA, essentially.

"Dad, go to the web site," as MSNBC host Chris Hayes put it.

Credico then told Stone that the stolen Clinton emails Stone was looking for would be in "the next batch." Which suggests that Credico knew.

"The fact that [Randy] would be knowing a batch would be dropping is really interesting," she said. "So that really raises some eyebrows, when you talk to legal experts."

She then gets into how the house investigation led by Devin Nunes mishandled this situation—and then into Stone's infamous tweets predicting the email release.

Watch below.