White UFC fighter gets DNA test showing he's 2% African -- promptly says the n-word
UFC fighter Mike Perry used the n-word after learning he had a trace of African ancestry/Screenshot

A UFC fighter claims that he is "legally allowed to say the word n*gga" after taking a DNA test.

Mike Perry, 26, took a test showing he's French, German, British and Irish. But he also has a trace of African ancestry, which is relatively common in DNA tests. Roughly 3 to 4 percent of one company's white customers learn that least one of their ancestors in the last 10 generations can be traced back to Africa.

Some of the white people who learn they have some black ancestry look for a way to celebrate it.

Perry, however, has a record of racist incidents, including having one of his cornermen taunt an Asian opponent by previously using the n-word on social media.

As people pointed out on Twitter, Perry has enjoyed the full support of UFC boss Dana White, a Trump supporter who spoke on his behalf at the Republican convention.