‘You’re f*cking insane’: Internet scorches ‘traitor’ Trump over new bonkers tweet threatening to obstruct Mueller
President Donald Trump (AFP / NICHOLAS KAMM)

President Donald Trump threatened to "get involved" and obstruct special counsel Robert Mueller's probe in a Wednesday morning tweet -- which naturally set off a firestorm by other social media users.

The president complained earlier that the Russia probe was a "hoax," and an investigation into his possible efforts to obstruct were a "trap," but he issued a threat after insisting he had "unfettered power" to fire anyone in government.

The tweets seemed to be in response to deputy attorney general Rod Rosenstein, who's overseeing the Mueller probe and warned Tuesday that he would not cave to "threats" intended to "extort" the Justice Department.

Other Twitter users hammered the president with outrage, mockery and unsolicited legal advice.