'An admiration for autocrats': CNN's Jake Tapper shames Trump's gushing praise for Kim Jong-un
CNN's Jake Tapper (Screen cap).

CNN's Jake Tapper on Tuesday called out President Donald Trump for heaping praise on North Korean leader Kim Jong-un.

After host Alisyn Camerota played a clip of Trump calling Kim "talented" for being able to take over a country and run it "very tough," Tapper said that it made some sense for the president to hold back criticism of his North Korean counterpart given that he is trying to sign a peace treaty with him.

That said, Tapper also said this sort of gushing wasn't a one-time occurrence when it comes to Trump and dictators.

"There are years' worth of words that the president has given when it comes to praise for autocrats and criticism of people who run democracies," Tapper said. "And it is just a matter of fact he has said -- he praised the leaders of China for putting down the Tienanmen Square massacre as 'strong.' I asked him about that during a debate years ago. He just has an admiration for autocrats seemingly, at least based on the adjectives he selects, that you can't get away from."

Watch the video below.