Bernie Sanders brags 'in many ways we did win the election' hours after Anthony Kennedy announces retirement
Like Bernie Sanders, who denounced what he called the corrupt influence of the country's wealthy elites on politics, Donald Trump honed a populist appeal (AFP Photo/Jewel Samad)

Former Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders on Wednesday bragged to a group of supporters that "in many ways we did win the election."

Sanders made the remarks at a book signing in D.C. just hours after it was announced that President Donald Trump would have an opportunity to replace Justice Anthony Kennedy with a more conservative Supreme Court justice.

The former Democratic presidential candidate said that increased support for Medicare for All was one of the ways in which "we did win the election."

It was not immediately clear who Sanders meant when he referred to "we."

After reluctantly conceding the primary to Hillary Clinton in 2016, Sanders went on to campaign for the Democratic nominee.

Annie Linskey of the Boston Globe first reported on Sanders' remarks. Read her tweets below.