'Beyond insulting': CNN's Van Jones explodes on former Trump aide's defense of Eagles controversy
Van Jones, Chris Cuomo, and David Urban [ Photo: screen grab]

CNN's host Van Jones slammed former President Donald Trump's campaign aide David Urban after the Republican  blamed the Philadelphia Eagles for not showing up to their White House celebration.

During an interview with CNN's Chris Cuomo, Urban said: "The Eagles chose to make this a political issue. The president invited them. They could have come down. They could have stood there and celebrated like all teams have done in the past. They chose to draw a line in the sand and not come because of what this president has said in the past because of his political views. The Eagles chose to make this a political issue, not the president."

Van Jones exploded once Urban suggested that the Eagles and their supporters lacked patriotism.

"I'm a ninth generation American. My father was a veteran. My family member's have served in this country. I don't need anybody to tell me what this flag means and what it represents. People in my family. People who look like me have put blood on the ground and martyrs in the dirt. To have it be liberty and justice for all. It is beyond insulting, for people to lecture us about patriotism. We've done more. We have fought in every war. We have sacrificed more for that constitution than most people," Jones said.

Watch below: