Trump defender whines the Eagles are partisan – and gets obliterated by CNN’s Angela Rye
Angela Rye (Photo: Screen capture)

During an interview with CNN's Jake Tapper political commentator Angela Rye obliterated Republican strategist Josh Holmes, who attempted to defend the president's decision to disinvite the Philadelphia Eagles from their White House celebration.

Rye said the situation was not merely partisan and spoke to the bigger divide that President Donald Trump has created in this country.

"This is dishonest. This isn't about people who disagree with the partisan leanings of the president. I have Republican friends. This is about someone who has shown racism and bigotry from the beginning of his campaign," Rye said.

She continued: "I have yet to see him demonstrate leadership. This is not about the National Anthem that is the side issue. The real issue is Donald Trump's issue with the crowd size. This crowd would be the same size of his inauguration. He can't handle the ego blow."

Watch below: