Bikers for Trump head whines about Harley leaving US -- but says he won’t pay more to buy American
Chris Cox of Bikers for Trump/Screenshot

President Trump's brewing feud with motorcycle-maker Harley-Davidson, which is moving some of its production to Europe to avoid new tariffs, has divided loyalties between bikers who love Trump and love their Harleys.

CNN host Brooke Baldwin invited Chris Cox, the head of Bikers For Trump, on to discuss.

Cox says he rides a Harley but is not "married to it" when it comes to picking between his hog and Trump.

"They were talking about moving some of their factories out of the country even before Donald Trump was elected," he said. "I think this is an excuse. We're not very happy. Harley-Davidson needs to remember that people that put them in business, and the people that kept them in business, it was the veterans and the blue collar Americans, and it would serve them wise to remember that."

Harley say that sales are down domestically but that sales are up in Europe, the Middle East, Latin America and Africa. Cox says it's "unfair" of them to now leave.

"Our president is trying to give us an equitable—just a resource here, so that we can get an even playing field here. It would serve Harley well to realize the biker communities, veterans and blue collar, they are one of the most patriotic group of people in the world and that they're going to stick by our president. We know he's doing what's best, going to shake things up before he can give us an even playing field and we couldn't be more proud of him."

But what if the price of a Harley goes up to keep it in America. Would Cox mind paying more if that means buying American? Yes, he would, he said, because he wants to be able to afford to take his family on vacation.

"Well, we would certainly like to save our money so we can take our families on vacations or make our quality of life better," he said. "At the end of the day, the biker is a patriotic and they would like to see the jobs stay in America. And we like to spend a little more money to know it's American made. The president is right on here just as he usually is. And we're going to support him 100%."

Watch below.