Black boy runs off to vomit in terror after Philly cinema manager calls cops on his dad over refund
Ismael Jimenez speaks to Philadelphia police officer (Facebook)

A black couple said a West Philadelphia cinema manager called police after they asked for a refund and then tried to retrieve their children from the theater.

Ismael Jimenez and his wife, Ashley, left their children -- except for their youngest, a 3-year-old -- inside the theater and asked for their money back Friday after a loud beeping sound continuously interrupted a showing of "Jurassic World," reported The Inquirer.

The manager agreed to the refund but refused to let either of them re-enter the theater to get their three oldest sons and two of the boys' friends, and called police when Ashley Jiminez went inside to retrieve the children.

“A black person’s considered a threat immediately,” said Ismael Jimenez, a 36-year-old teacher at Kensington Creative and Performing Arts High School. “So therefore, if they are defiant to you, instead of actually dealing with the issue, you are calling the police.”

Ashley Jimenez recorded video on her cell phone of the encounter after she returned to the lobby with the children, and at least a half dozen police officers began arriving.

“Ask us to leave, why? Because they messed up?” Ismael Jimenez said to the officers.

He had previously spoken to his oldest son, who's 11, about the potential dangers of police interactions, and the frightened child ran to a bathroom to vomit after officers arrived.

“He was worried that I was going to get hurt,” Jimenez said.

A bystander asked whether so many officers were necessary for the situation, and one of the officers eventually helped the family get a refund on their concessions.