CNN analyst reveals why Ivanka has been AWOL on ICE snatching up immigrant kids
Ivanka Trump speaking to Dr. Oz (Photo: Screen capture)

As Democrats and Republicans begin to pile on President Donald Trump over the horrific treatment of immigrant families seeking asylum at the borders -- tearing terrified children away from their parents and putting them in detention camps -- one voice has been conspicuously silent: Ivanka Trump.

With the all the living first ladies weighing in in the subject, the first daughter, who claims to champion the rights of mothers and children, has yet to make a public statement on the Trump administration policy that has outraged the country.

Speaking with host Poppy Harlow, presidential biographer and CNN contributor Kate Anderson Brower said she doesn't expect Ivanka Trump to say one word against her father's policies.

Noting a tweet from Melania Trump decrying the separation of kids from their parent, host Harlow asked, "Talk about another woman who is an influential voice in the White House --and that is Ivanka Trump. She is a mother as well and she has been outspoken on women's rights and children's rights."

"She hasn't said anything about this yet, but she has broken with her father, the president, on the Paris climate agreement, for example, on Roy Moore, the Alabama Senate candidate. Why the silence, do you think we will hear from her?" she asked.

"I don't think we'll hear from her on this," Brower said. "She has gotten some backlash for her social media feed where she said, you know, 'Happy Father's Day' to her husband and father and meanwhile, this is happening."

"I think she's a bit tone deaf on social media especially, it has happened many times where she's posing in these elegant ball gowns during some crisis," she elaborated. "In this case, she's not as emotionally connected to the issue as her stepmother. I mean, Melania Trump came out in a way that I thought was surprising. As an immigrant herself she has a really important platform."

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