CNN contributor warns that the greatest Nazi-hunters are 'concerned' about 'Trump helping Neo-Nazis'
President Trump [Photo: screenshot from video]

A new report reveals that President Donald Trump might be considering pulling out of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO).

The leaked transcript has increased tensions between President Trump and America's allies.

"There is Trump's hell where NATO is as bad as NAFTA and EU worse than China," a senior European official told CNN. "The transatlantic relationship, which all around the table, we consider a given, is not a given."

During an interview with CNN's Ana Cabrera, CNN contributor David Andelman said President Trump's attitude towards Europe could potentially be worse than the most feared neo-Nazi.

"I spent the morning with one of the last great Nazi hunters of Europe, and they told me they're very concerned about Trump helping a lot of the neo-Nazis in Europe," Andelan said "But at the same time, helping those particular forces is what may ultimately force other European leaders like Macron, Merkel closer together."

Cabrera asked why he believed President Trump was helping neo-Nazis.

"Why do you think he is helping neo-Nazis?" she asked. Andelman claimed that it is President Trump's language that is most harmful.

"Not in specific terms, the talk he is involved in. Remember, his ambassador came to Germany, the first thing he said was, 'I want to go meet some of your more nationalist leaders.' That's the code name for basically neo-Nazis, the extreme right. This upset a lot of European leaders, and that in turn could draw them more together."

Watch below.