CNN panel goes off the rails when Women for Trump chair responds to separated families saying 'I cried leaving my dog last night'
CNN panelists (Photo: Screen capture)

Women for Trump chair Amy Kremer went on CNN's Erin Burnett "Out Front" with Joan Walsh, national affairs correspondent for The Nation, and April Ryan, White House correspondent for Urban Radio. It didn't go well.

After Ryan gave a detailed account of what she experienced in the White House press briefing room during Department of Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen's Q&A session on the situation at the border where children are being taken from their parents.

Walsh noted that the audio recently released of children sobbing for their parents is heart wrenching and explained that the agents and social workers aren't allowed to comfort them or hold them.

"There's a story that a young teenager had to change the diaper of a toddler because the people in charge didn't feel like they were authorized to change diapers," Walsh said. "They don't have the right people in place. They are not doing the right thing. They don't have the right facilities. This is child abuse, and it's being done in our name and it's got to stop."

Kremer, on the other hand, dismissed the children's sobs comparing it to leaving her dog for Atlanta on the previous night.

"I mean, as a mom, I feel for these kids," she claimed. "My gosh, when I left Atlanta last night, I cried leaving my dog."

She gave this as a reason that Americans are compassionate people.

The panel discussion devolved into chaos from there. Watch below: