CNN panel mocks Trump for latest angry outburst: 'Nothing projects strength like saying "I'm not weak"'
CNN's Poppy Harlow interviews New York Times reporter Alex Burns (Screen cap).

Trump adviser Larry Kudlow on Sunday lashed out at Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and accused him of trying to make President Donald Trump look "weak" ahead of his major summit with North Korean leader Kim Jong-un this week.

"And by the way, President Trump is not weak!" Kudlow angrily insisted at one point.

A CNN panel on Monday mocked Trump for sending Kudlow on TV to tell the world about his supposed strength, as New York Times reporter Alex Burns said such a move showed wild insecurity.

"Nothing projects strength like pounding the table and saying, 'I'm not weak,'" Burns said sarcastically. "It's sort of an odd bit of theatrics on the part of Larry Kudlow."

Washington Post reporter Josh Dawsey added that Trump over the weekend had "ripped up" all of the progress that had been made at the G7 summit in Quebec, while noting the president seemed to hold out more hope of getting a good deal from one of his country's biggest enemies than in getting a good deal with longtime allies.

Burns went on to mock Trump for ignoring aides' advice and believing that he thought a "warm personal meeting" with Kim would be enough to secure nuclear disarmament.

Watch the video below.