CNN's Anderson Cooper issues brutal fact check on Trump as 'the gaslighting continues' about border crisis
Anderson Cooper (Photo: Screen capture)

On CNN's 360 Monday night, host Anderson Cooper issued a brutal fact-check countering the White House's ever-shifting story on the migrant crisis at the border.

As Cooper pointed out, the administration seems especially ruthless about misleading journalists and the public on this issue, particularly by blaming Democrats in Congress as well as past administrations for a policy the Trump administration instituted.

"It's gaslighting," Cooper observes, referencing the act of purposefully lying on a topic until the target starts to question their own sanity. "We'll leave the gas-light on for you, Part 7," the segment was called.

"The President says he has no regrets about signing the order despite reports that he questions it in private," Cooper summarized.

Cooper pointed out that Trump seems to be fleeing the disastrous policy, with acts like the executive order barring the separation of children and families, while also signaling that he intends to maintain a zero tolerance policy.

"They wanted it to be a deterrent. They wanted it to be on camera" Cooper insists.