CNN's Baldwin blisters Trump for wasting days lying about immigrant child snatching while kids were held in cages
CNN's Brooke Baldwin- screenshot

On CNN Thursday afternoon, host Brooke Baldwin busted President Donald Trump for wasting days changing stories about stopping the separation of immigrant children from their parents while the kids were being held in cages.

In an editorial commentary, supplemented with clips of Trump and his aides defending the child seizures while blaming Democrats and saying an executive order couldn't stop it,  the CNN host shared claim after claim coming from the Trump administration -- each one contradicted within hours if not a day.

"The White House made so many u-turns on this policy, we have to call him out," Baldwin began. "When the heartbreaking images of children first began to emerge DHS Secretary Kirstjen Nielson denied a policy in the first place."

Showing clips of Nielson's disastrous news conference, the CNN host juxtaposed it with comments made by Attorney General Jeff Sessions admitting there was such a policy.

Baldwin showed multiple clips of President Trump contradicting himself after having given a speech and telling reporters that child grab couldn't be stopped with a presidential executive order -- only to proudly sign such an order after he had been battered with questions from the press.

"Mr. President, listen to those reporters' questions," she scolded. "Just because you say the same thing over and over, it doesn't make it true."

"You signed this order ending your own policy," she dryly added.

Watch the video below via CNN: