CNN's Erin Burnett nails Trump-apologist with violent Trump statements after he says Maxine Waters should resign
Steve Cortes, Erin Burnett and Angela Rye (Photo: Screen capture)

A CNN conservative pundit got called out during a discussion about so-called "civility" in political discourse.

After years of President Donald Trump using racially charged language, talking about the "good people on both sides" of an anti-Nazi protest and attacking Muslims with a ban and Latinos with family separation, only now are people demanding civility.

During a debate about Rep. Maxine Waters (D-CA), conservative Steve Cortes demanded that the Congresswoman resign and called her a "disgrace."

"We're this world where it's fine to just personally malign people -- that's the world we're in," Burnett said. "Steve part of the reason we're in this world is because of the man you come on here and defend. If you're saying Waters should resign, fine. Then you also should be saying the president should."

She then played just a small sample of requests for violence against his opposition, including a plea for a "Second Amendment supporter" to "do something" about Hillary Clinton.

"So, Steve the question is, how can you say she should resign, but not him. How can Paul Ryan say she should apologize, but not him?" Burnett asked.

Cortes tried to explain the differences, claiming that Waters was calling for people to hound Trump supporters, which is not true.

That's when Democratic strategist Angela Rye nailed the absurdity of the argument.

"I think the big difference is what regularly happens to Congresswoman Waters because her words are so powerful and for whatever reason, the Republicans and apparently, some Democrats are threatened by her power and her courage," Rye said. "Her words are not only taken out of context, she's misquoted. There was nothing about hounding people."

Cortes scrambled to come up with a response, using racially charged language like "thuggery" three times. Rye quipped back that it seems Trump is frequently threatened by women who speak out against him, citing not only Waters but also Rep. Frederica Wilson.

Watch the full debate below: