CNN's Navarro has no sympathy for Sarah Sanders being booted from a restaurant: That's 'the cost of being an accomplice'
Ana Navarro (Photo: Screen capture)

Appearing on CNN Saturday morning, regular contributor Ana Navarro was asked about the report that White House Spokesperson Sarah Huckabee Sanders and seven family members were refused service at a Virginia restaurant because she works for President Donald Trump.

Navarro shrugged it off.

According to the conservative pundit, "Some people find the idea of tearing children away from their families and then lying about it morally offensive.”

“You make choices in life. And there is a cost to being an accomplice to this cruel, deceitful administration,” she added addressing the entire Huckabee family who were forced to seek dinner elsewhere.

With former GOP lawmaker Jack Kingston decrying the state of polarization in the U.S. that has seen three high-level Trump administration officials unable to have a peaceful meal in the wake of the administration's decision to tear immigrant children away from their parents and put them in detention camps -- Navarro was nonplussed.

"It kind of comes with the territory” she advised. "There is a cost to pay for the decisions you make in life.”

Watch the video below via CNN: