CNN's North Korea expert offers point-by-point takedown of Trump's dangerous G7 statement
President Donald Trump delivering his weekly address (Screenshot)

Joseph Yun, a former diplomat and North Korea expert, explained during a Monday morning CNN segment exactly how Donald Trump's "Trudeau temper tantrum" at the Group of Seven summit is a breach of protocol the likes of which he's never seen before.

Over the weekend, Trump threw US-Canadian relations into disarray when he took to Twitter to criticize Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau following the summit for his opposition to the president's new tariffs.

"I have never seen anything like it," the expert told CNN's John Berman and Jim Scuitto as the three men spoke live from Singapore. "Certainly, we use a lot of colorful words, [but] behind the scenes I have never seen such a statement."

He went on to blast White House economic adviser Larry Kudlow for his bizarre claim suggesting the success or failure of the Singapore summit between Trump and North Korea leader rests with Trudeau.

"Number one, protocol is a little unusual for staff to go and say something like that publicly about a head of government," Yun continued. "So I feel a little bit uncomfortable."

He went on to urge American audiences as well as Berman and Sciutto to separate the G7 comments from the upcoming summit in North Korea, suggesting Trump's tough tariff talk and sensitive nuclear policy are apples and oranges.

Watch below, via CNN: