CNN's Phil Mudd slams Paul Ryan for finally admitting the House's Russia investigation was a sham: 'Where you been brother?'
Phil Mudd on CNN/Screenshot

The investigation of Trump's collusion with Russia undertaken in the House of Representatives has long been the target of sharp criticism.

But until recently, few House Republicans were willing to criticize the committee or its leader Devin Nunes.

Some Republicans are starting to break from the party on the subject as more information comes out and lies by people the committee interviewed are revealed. Most notably Benghazi kingpin Trey Gowdy.

Speaker of the House Paul Ryan became the latest Republican to speak up—which led guests on Jake Tapper's CNN show to mock him for waiting so long to state the obvious.

CNN analyst Kirsten Powers praised Gowdy, but wondered why he took so long.

"I'm glad they said this—it's a little belated," she said. "It's nice for them to come out and say it, but it would have been better if they had just come out and said it when it happened."

Phil Mudd went off on Paul Ryan for not standing up to the Republicans he's supposed to be leading before this.

"We've been on this for months and months and months," he said. "he comes out and says, 'Oh, by the way, in the biggest investigation this country has seen since Watergate, I think the FBI guys are doing OK.' Where you been brother?"

Watch below.