CNN's Rick Wilson and Ana Navarro tag team on Trump's 'horrible' immigration policy
CNN's Ana Navarro, Mike Shields and Rick Wilson (Photo: Screen capture)

Republican strategists, Rick Wilson and Ana Navarro were left speechless after news broke that President Donald Trump was ripping immigrant children away from their parent's at the Southwest border.

During an interview with CNN's Don Lemon on Monday, Wilson said President Trump has the power to stop enforcing the inhuman policy, but is refusing to do so.

"This is a president who wants executive orders only when he wants to get away with something," Wilson said. "This is a president who we have been told over and over again has virtually unlimited power. He has done everything under the sun. Suddenly they're helpless on this thing."

He called the President "impotently helpless." Wilson continued: "This is a policy of cruelty deliberate political manipulation, it's backfiring on them very badly right now."

Navarro slammed President Trump for not acting. "He wants to continue this horrible, horrible cruelty," she said.

She then bashed political commentator Mike Shields. As he went to get his last word in she took up his last 10 seconds by voicing her frustration.

"I know your frustrated Mike, I heard you say damitt," Lemon said. As Shields went to talk, Navarro interrupted.

"You should just say dammit, dammit, dammit. That would take up the 10 seconds. I'll even teach you how to say it in Spanish," she ended.

Watch below.