Conservative Maher guest Jen Rubin launches brutal attack on Trump for creating atmosphere that led to Annapolis massacre
Jennifer Rubin-- HBO screenshot

Conservative Washington Post columnist Jennifer Rubin launched a brutal attack on Donald Trump on HBO's Real Time, laying the blame for the mass shooting at an Annapolis newspaper directly at the president's feet.

In a discussion about how angry Americans seem to have become during the Trump presidency, Rubin said the president's violent rhetoric is at the root of it all.

Saying she didn't want to see "Donald Trump's government" monitor social media sites for threats, she said she fears Trump more than a mass shooter.

"We haven't talked very much about what happened in Annapolis," Rubin proposed. "The person who is fomenting violence the most is the president of the United States. He turns the crowd on journalists. A hooting hollering screaming mass of people."

"He individually picks out journalists for them to direct their ire," she continued. "He calls us the enemy of the people. He says that we are unpatriotic, he says we do not love our country. And we're surprised when someone picks up a gun?"

Host Bill Maher agreed, saying "I feel it on the street, people are angry. I feel like, more than ever, they're over the line."

Watch the video below via HBO: