‘This is despicable’: CNN’s Ana Navarro schools conservative Trumpster on reason why immigrants come to the US
Ana Navarro schooled and David Urban. [ Photo: Screengrab from video]

During a panel discussion on CNN's Jake Tapper about immigration, Republican strategist Ana Navarro schooled CNN's legal analyst David Urban on why immigrants chose to come to the United States.

Navarro said that her family immigrated to the U.S. and Urban claimed they did it the "right way."

"My parents had money, but even if they didn't, my parents were fleeing a dictatorship and fleeing a communist totalitarian regime and they would have done anything that desperate parents do to bring their children," Navarro said.

Urban complained that immigrants are crossing the border illegally.

"It is not illegal to seek asylum. You are allowed to come in, and you are supposed to have due process, which the president wants to get rid of, and the majority come here because they have family here," political analyst Kristen Powers said.

Powers also called it "despicable" that GOP members support separating children from their families.

The panel then exploded once Urban suggested that immigrants could just stay in Mexico since the nation is not ruled by a dictatorship.

"Do you know anything about the conditions in Mexico? Do you know how many journalists have been killed in Mexico in the last year? They are coming to the United States because we're not Mexico. Do you think Mexico is a safe place?" Navarro said.

Watch below.