Detroit country club board unanimously votes to cancel campaign fundraiser after finding out the candidate is pro-Trump
Lena Epstein [Photo: screenshot from Facebook]

The Franklin Hills Country Club cancelled a campaign fundraiser for congressional candidate Lena Epstein after discovering she is a supporter of President Donald Trump.

"I got a call late on Friday night that the board had unanimously voted to cancel our event," she told Fox 2 Detroit News.

Epstein, a Republican running for the 11th District U.S. Congress seat, said that event had been planned for over a month and was supposed to take place on Wednesday.

"It makes me sad that my political beliefs were the reason that the event was cancelled," Epstein said.

According to Fox, Epstein is the second Republican the country club has refused services to.

Her incident marks a trend of pro-Trump supporters being slammed in public. Recently, White House press secretary Sarah Sanders was kicked out of a restaurant in Virginia for her political affiliation. Following this situation,  Rep. Maxine Waters (D-CA) called for public shaming for people who work in the Trump administration.

Epstein changed the location of her fundraiser to a local restaurant called Andiamo, adding she loves the country club which she has been a frequent member of.

"I grew up at the club, my daughter swims in the pool, my husband and I golf there. It's where we have our Sunday night dinners," she said. "It's a huge part of who I am. So this situation was very painful."

Fox News 2 reported that Franklin Hills Country Club General Manager Scott Cummings did not respond to a request for comment.