Ex-FBI official blasts conservative freak out over Comey report: 'It's incompetence not politics'
FBI supervisor Josh Campbell [ Photo: Screen grab from video]

New information has surfaced about about former FBI director James Comey's handling over Hillary Clinton's email investigation on Thursday.

New evidence released by a Justice Department watchdog shows that Comey's behaviors were outside of the  bureau's norms. Text messages between FBI lawyer Lisa Page, and FBI agent Peter Strzok reveal that they plotted against President Donald Trump.

Former FBI supervisor Josh Campbell told CNN's Jake Tapper that this scandal is giving the FBI a bad reputation.

"Lisa Page and Peter Strzok, have caused more damage to the FBI's reputation than anyone I can think of in recent history," he said.

When asked if the investigation influenced the 2016 presidential election,  he said incompetence played a part.

"I still believe there is no single point of failure in the FBI. I think there's a lot of incompetence here that we need to look into. I think this is probably more incompetence than politics playing a role in their decisions," he said.

Watch below: