Father of rapper Foxy Brown denied reentry into US by ICE after living here for 50 years
Hip hop artist Foxy Brown -- Facebook

According to an Instagram post by hip hop artist Foxy Brown, her Trinidad-born father was denied reentry into the U.S. by ICE officials after visiting the island -- despite the fact he has lived in the U.S. for the past 50 years.

According to Atlanta Black Star, Brown -- real name Inga DeCarlo Fung Marchand -- decried the detention of immigrant children by President Donald Trump's immigration policies, writing about the young crying immigrant girl who has become the poster girl for the appalling policy.

“I’d literally f*cking die, torn apart from my daughter. The atrocity at the border is unspeakable; subjecting any child to an environment conducive to horror speaks volumes of this demonic-ass world we live in. My parents are Trinidadian immigrants (educated, sophisticated, hard-working teacher & welder),"she wrote. "Yup, I rock that flag proudly.”

She then relayed what her father is being subjected to.

"Our trip to Trinidad carnival ended in horror, as immigration stopped my father at the airport and refused him entry back to the U.S., where he’s lived for 50 something years, married in and all 3 of his kids (Inga, Gavin & Anton) were born,” she wrote. “Trinidad let him through. U.S. won’t let him back in. It sent chills through my family. We fought like hell, quiet and yes, my father’s still stuck there.”

You can read her entire Instagram post here.