Fox host Shep Smith smacks down Trump for repeating lie Eagles didn’t stand during anthem — using Fox News reporting
Shepard Smith explaining the facts of Uranium One to Fox News viewers.

Immediately following President Donald Trump's flag-waving extravaganza that filled in for the time that was supposed to be devoted to honoring the Philadelphia Eagles for their Super Bowl victory, Fox News host Shep Smith took a shot at Trump for complaining that the players knelt for the anthem during the 2017 season.

During his speech, Trump once again accused the players who opted to not attend the photo op with the president -- causing him to disinvite them -- of being unpatriotic.

Jumping in right after the president mumbled his way through "God Bless America," Smith pounced on the president.

"'We stand to support, we stand to salute, we stand in the absence of the Philadelphia Eagles'" Smith quoted the president, "But the thing is, the Eagles stood as well."

"It is the reporting of Fox News that every Eagle stood for the National Anthem, " he continued. "At every game, at every time."

Smith then repeated Eagles players criticizing the president for lying.

Watch the video below via YouTube: