Fox News host blames Clintons for Trump's charity scam
Fox News host Kennedy (Screen cap).

Fox News host Kennedy on Thursday blamed Bill and Hillary Clinton for supposedly giving President Donald Trump and his family the idea to start their own sham charity.

During a discussion on the New York Attorney General's Office filing a lawsuit against the Trump Foundation for allegedly engaging in multiple corrupt activities, Kennedy said that Trump likely saw what the Clintons had done and decided he wanted to do it himself.

"The Clintons had a brilliant money-laundering scheme in the Clinton Foundation," Kennedy said, without ever citing any evidence that the Clinton Foundation engaged in actual money laundering. "And it's no surprise that any other politician would want to do the exact same thing, and concentrate money and power. But now, the cat's out of the bag. Because no mis-doing was really pinned to the Clinton Foundation formally, are they now going after the Clinton Foundation?"

Lisa Boothe, however, said that the charges leveled against the Trump Foundation appear to carry weight, and she said that paying $2.8 million in restitution and shuttering the foundation were not "that big of an ask" for the president to handle.

"Although, we know President Trump likes to fight back," she acknowledged.

Watch the video below.