Fox News host claims some black people told her detention centers were nicer than the projects
Fox News commentator Rachel Campos-Duffy -- screenshot

Fox News is committed to defending President Donald Trump's policies, no matter how callous or ridiculous it makes them sound.

But even knowing this, contributor Rachel Campos-Duffy's comments about the administration's efforts to separate immigrant families and detain children were somehow still shocking.

Speaking with host Laura Ingraham, Campos-Duffy said of the facilities the children have been confined in, "I spoke to some African-Americans who said, 'Gosh, the conditions of the detention centers are better than some of the projects I grew up in.'"

This is a classic Fox News tactic — citing people who are racial minorities to defend racist and oppressive policies. But it's even more egregious than usual because Campos-Duffy doesn't even say who these African-Americans she spoke to are or explain the context of the discussion.

It's enough to make you wonder if the people she cites exist at all or if their comments were intended to come across in any way similar to how she presented them.

The comments also play into the stereotypes that Fox News and Trump love to push that black people in American cities live in conditions akin to war zones.

But even if the comments are real, they do nothing to diminish the cruelty of the Trump administration's policies. Even if you're imprisoned in a 5-star luxury resort, it's deeply traumatizing to be held against your will and separated from your parents at a young age. And as more reports emerge of abuse allegations at immigrant detention centers, the claim that the children as a whole are being well-cared for strains credulity.

Watch the clip below: