Fox News host Jesse Watters runs reel of violent right-wingers -- and falsely identifies them as Antifa
Jesse Watters on his Fox News show/Screenshot

Fox News host Jesse Watters aired a segment called "Unmasking Antifa Violence" on his Saturday night show, which featured footage of a violent rally in Portland, Oregon.

"They're the Brownshirts," Watters said. "They're the new street thugs that come in and start cracking people over the skulls."

The problem? Most of the footage Watters aired was of violent committed by the right-wingers who had gathered, and who then assaulted counter-protesters.

Four people were arrested for violence at last weekend's rally, two from each side. But the counter-protestors greatly outnumbered the Patriot Prayer crew. By some estimates there were only 20 right-wingers at the rally, meaning 10% of them were arrested for violence.

Specifically the footage Watters aired from the Portland rally showed rightwing violence.

At one point Watters yelped "Oh! he took a shot right there!" after one of the rightwing protestors sucker-punched a counter-protestor in the side of the face.

Watters interviewed a "journalist" named Tim Pool who covers Antifa, and who goes out to the bar with white nationalists after their rallies, but who maintains that he is an impartial observer.

The protest was organized by Washington State U.S. Senate candidate Joey Gibson, who runs an extremist group called Patriot Prayer. It was intended as a sendoff for pro-Trump brawler Tusitala 'Tiny' Toese who has been arrested for violent acts at several rallies.

Watch Watters segment below.