Fox News panel explodes into screeching when guest explains immigration to US is actually at lowest point in 46 years
A Fox News panel explodes over immigration statistics/Screenshot

A panel on Jesse Watters' Saturday afternoon show exploded after a guest explained that immigration to the U.S. is actually at the lowest it's been in the last 46 years.

Guest Cathy Areu of Catalina Magazine shared the statistic, which contradicts the Republican narrative that the country is facing a crisis which needs to be fixed with a wall and by separating migrant children from their parents and locking them in cages inside abandoned Walmarts.

"The economy in Mexico is better than ever," Areu said. "The economy here is not better than it's been—it's been a worse problem in the past, this is not the worst it's been."

Another guest continued to screech the words "modern day slavery!" over her.

Host Jesse Watters refused to believe that the statistics showing that there is no crisis and that immigration is down because fewer people want to come here.

"I don't think that's a good argument, that it's not the worst that it's been," he said. "Don't you think the rest of our country should be as secure as our airports?"

Watch below.