HBO's Bill Maher scalds 'old friend' Roseanne for racist tweet -- before tying her to 'whiny b*tch' Trump
HBO host Bill Maher -- screenshot

On Friday night HBO's Real Time host Bill Maher finally got to weigh in on former ABC star Roseanne Barr's racist tweet that caused her to lose her highly rated TV show -- and the host used the opportunity to go after one of her biggest fans: President Donald Trump.

Saying it was a tough week for comedians -- referring to TBS host Sam Bee's controversial joke about Ivanka Trump -- Maher claimed, "Half the country wants Roseanne to go way forever, half the country wants Samantha Bee to go away forever… so much for wanting more female voices in television.”

The host admitted that Barr is a friend of his before labeling her tweet both “abhorrent” and “bordering on presidential.”

“I don’t have a decoder ring. I have no f*cking clue what you wingnuts in your bubble are talking about,” Maher explained. “Now, my friend Roseanne had admitted that she had been admitted to a mental institution. She has said she has multiple personalities and unfortunately, one of them is quite a racist.”

Maher then turned his ire on Trump for ignoring Barr's tweet and instead whining that he never personally received an apology from Disney CEO Bob Iger for all the attacks ABC has made against him like Barr target Valerie Jarrett did,

Calling the president a "whiny b*tch," Maher added, "This guy could tweet about the Hawaii volcano and he’d make it about him. ‘I’m orange and gassy! Where’s my headline?'”

Watch the video below via HBO: