'What the h*ll do you think she's going to do?': Family furious after TSA patted down 96-year-old grandmother for 6 minutes
A 96-year-old woman goes through TSA/Screenshot

A 96-year-old woman in a wheelchair was carefully searched at a TSA checkpoint in Dulles Airport in Washington, D.C., reports CBS News

Jeanne Clarkson, the  woman's daughter, complained that the security check was "prolonged and repetitive."

"What the hell do you think she's going to do? Set off a shoe bomb?" she says in a video she took.

"I was just shocked. I've traveled with her before, I've been in a wheelchair myself unable to walk through the machines and I've never had that kind of a pat-down ever. I was just shocked. I couldn't believe they were doing this to my 96-year-old mother," Jeanne Clarkson told CBS News."It was just shock, and frustrating because they would not talk to me. I felt helpless."

Clarkson said the family was traveling back home to Indiana. In a statement Washington Duller airport said: "Many of you have reached out to us to express concern over a video of a security screening taking place at Dulles International Airport. Security screening at our checkpoints is directed and conducted by [TSA]. We have shared customer comments with the TSA for their immediate review and appropriate action."

Clarkson said that her mother was terrified. "She didn't know what to say. She does not want to fly again ever. She didn't know what they were looking for. She was scared," Clarkson said. "She was just following directions. She said she didn't know what to do."

The family said that no one from the airport has reached out to them directly.